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123 vISP Pricing ...


Control Panel Setup costs

The standard programming SETUP fee associated with new 123 vISP accounts is £349.00 +VAT
Due to the credit crunch we are open to negotiations if you have existing customers to migrate to us within 30days.


Broadband Product Pricing

Home User broadband from £9.99 +VAT for 8MB 3GB Max Products.

Gamer products from £14.29 +VAT with unlimited day/night bandwidth.

Business User broadband from £10.86 +VAT for unlimited business use.

To view all of our current products pricing please log in to our demonstration version of the control panel by clicking here using the following credentials;

Username = 123visp

Password = password

Once logged in go to "Products" -> "ADSL" to view your potential wholesale costs.


Possible Reduced Pricing

If you are a Brigantia member then many reduced fees apply. See www.brigantia.com for details. From within the Brigantia portal you can view our Service Provider page and obtain the login to the Brigantia page on this site where you will see our standard entry level costs for broadband.

If you are an existing internet supplier who has a SIGNIFICANT QUANTITY of end-users which you wish to bulk-migrate to us, then please contact us for specific pricing by clicking here.

If you are a registered charity or government organisation, please contact us directly.


Please contact us here now for further details or with any other enquiries.


However, we can say that VOLUME wholesale broadband costs are from below £10 per month with a resell value of just £13.99!